Baroque Gaming was founded in late 1999 by a group of three people who thought it would be cool to right a video game of some sort as an educational and fun project.

The project was to become known as "Blocks and Ball," a three dimensional version of "Breakout" written for the PC using Direct3D. While it technically worked, it never went beyond a proof-of-concept phase and died a lonely death.  Currently it is uncertain as to if it will even still compile.

Then I realized that I was the only one doing any actual programming.  Chris made all the models for the Game, and Robert messed with the DirectSound a bit, but I was doing the coding.  Not that I cared at all, it just turned out that writing a game with three people while all involved were learning something new, was, to say the least, difficult.

So I decided to write a game, it was to be a good game, a game for the ages.  It was called "Snakes."  This time I threw away all the 3d crap and just used DirectDraw.  It is a game based on "Light Cycles" from Tron.  Download a zip here, and it may even work.  (DirectX required)  It is full screen, if it is blank when you start, just hit space.  Arrow keys control the right player W-A-S-D control the left.  F12 exits the game.  Unfortunately, it too foundered and after installing DirectX 8, it no longer compiles.  Maybe someday I will mess with it again.



Now I am working on a game called "Warring Worms."  It too is based on the "Light Cycles" concept.  Go to the Warring Worms page for more info.


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