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Rock, Paper, Scissors

A new game for the Atari 2600 from Baroque Gaming.
by Billy Eno

RPS is a classic game, and what better place to implement it than a classic video game system?
Screen Shots:

It's a tie!

Paper wins!

Scissors Wins!

A clever AI is in the works, using every ounce of the Atari 2600's awesome computing power!
Game Play:

The game is started when both players are holding their fire buttons down.  This causes the fists to rise, or "start the prime."  Once one of the player releases their fire button, the down stroke begins, which sets the timing of each of the subsequent "primes."  During the final down stroke, or the "approach," the players choose their final throw by pressing left for paper, right for scissor, or nothing for rock.  The winner is indicated on the screen.

Game variations will exist for single-player mode, and for choosing the number of rounds to be played.


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