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Warring Worms Source Page

I borrowed a lot of ideas and routines from all over the place in the creation of Warring Worms, some are well documented in the source, some are not, some are so general as to not require documentation.  Therefore, I am providing the source to the public in the hopes that some one will find it useful.  I only ask a few things:
  • If you make major alterations to the game play, the look, the feel or just use the kernel.  Go ahead and redistribute it, more power to you.  An example of "major":  look at Surround, look at Warring Worms.  The difference is what I would consider "major."  (As a side note, Warring Worms was generated from scratch, no reference to the source of Surround was used.)
  • Please do not make minor alterations to the game, such as colors, graphics or sounds and redistribute it.  (ie. "hacks")  I have nothing against hacks, I just would prefer that no one hack Warring Worms.
  • If something in my code is useful and novel enough to be used in your game, give me a comment in your source code, even if no one else ever sees it.  This is just a little bit of vanity on my part :>

Enough preaching.  Thanks for your interest.

Warring Worms Source

This is the complete source to Warring worms.  It compiles with dasm with the standard options for a 4K cartridge.  The file "snakes.s" is the main file and reflects what the original idea for the name was.  There are a lot of files because I prefer to have lots of small files as opposed to one huge one.  This .zip also includes a .bin of what it compiles to.

My future plans for this stuff: 

  • Distilling the source down to the display kernel as a learning example and easier base for future games
  • A detailed outline of the game

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