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Warring Worms, The Worm (re)Turns
A game for the Atari 2600, by Billy Eno.

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Warring Worms, The Worm (re)Turns is an updated version of the original Warring Worms, originally published in 2002.

The new features are:

  • Tank Mode - In this mode, the head no longer leaves a trail.
  • Solid Arena Mode - The starting arena cannot be destroyed by the cannon
  • Unbreakable Mode - Nothing can be destroyed by the cannons. In this mode, the only thing the cannon can hurt is your opponent!
  • First To: - Tony Morse once said something to the effect of "Who wants
    to play best of 198?" This feature lets you chose the ending score, and
    bring "full" games down to a playable time
  • Sudden Death Mode - This feature changes the winning condition to be
    that you must beat your opponent by at least 2 points.
  • Select Game/Random Game - Selecting Random game changes most of the
    game options to be selected randomly before each round. This provides a
    new challenge every round.

There is also a completely revamped select screen to help you select between the 25,000+ game combinations!

May 28th, 2005

AtariAge has added WWTW(r)T to its "In Developement" section.

The game should also be available through AtariAge at the upcoming Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition.  I will be attending as well.


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